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Our PPC management team help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) in your paid advertising campaigns by reducing overall costs and increasing sales. Our methodology is simple:

  • Investigate
    First, we do a complete analysis of your competition, keywords, cost per click, and suitable advertising  space. This allows us to learn from your competitors mistakes and successes.

  • Strategize
    Once we have done a full investigation, we can then build upon your competitors successful campaigns and avoid the same costly mistakes they masy have made, developing the best possible strategy for your campaigns.

  • Optimize
    We optimize the ad to target those looking for your products and services, avoiding costly click-throughs from ads that are too vague, or do not describe the product correctly. Landing pages are constructed and optimized to reduce the cost of advertising and maximize visitor action. Bids are optimized to ensure maximum exposure for minimum cost.

  • Implement
    Once everything is ready, we launch the campaign, monitoring it continuously and making adjustments as and when necessary.

  • Test
    We perform A/B testing on the ads and landing pages to ensure best performance

  • Repeat the above steps
    We continuously monitor the activities of your competitors, revise the campaign strategy based upon these activities and the results obtained from your campaigns, re-optimize ads and landing pages and continue to test and develop new strategies to provide maximum ROI.

Our PPC experts have run successful campaigns involving hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and they apply their knowledge and experience to make your campaign ultra-successful. Our secret  recipe for success is an intimate knowledge of Google & Microsoft search platforms, our experienced PPC marketers who understand your business and your goals, and the powerful software we utilize to investigate, track and monitor your campaign. No wonder our clients recommend us to their friends and associates!


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